I’ve found my approach to art is quite common for figurative artists, but different from many traditional artists, abstract painters and many more. I came to art from music. I was a composer. I still like different styles of music, from Mozart to Rammstein, so when I started my artist career I decided that I will not stick with one style but will explore myself. I’m a traveling artist, I like old masters and contemporary art, I consider myself a postmodernist. Visiting galleries around the world is my favourite thing, and it is where I often find inspiration for my future paintings.

After visiting Krakow I decided to play with one of my favourite paintings by Da Vinci – Lady with Ermine. Above is Da Vinci’s masterpiece, my version painted in 2006 and another variation dated 2010. I’m not done with this piece and still want to make a male version (bearded).

Another one of my “teachers” is the famous Spanish artist Picasso. I visited his hometown of Malaga and in his museum I found one of his latest painting. I fell in love with it, and decided to paint a variation that shows a double face as one half is a bird face. The title came straight away – Dialogue with Bird. After my first variation I decided to make a bigger version with a few changes – mainly colours and shapes. Sometimes I do more than two variants, it depends on how badly I want to explore an idea. The painting process is a great pleasure to me and if I like a subject very much I will do a series. For example my Moon Touch and Part Bus series

The first painting of the Party Bus series was made on a small canvas. Later I used only large canvases. I did not change the main figures, only the backgrounds.

I often produce prints from my originals. I painted Wavecatcher as a small picture first, then a bigger version which was photographed to be used as a print. Later on I discover another way to paint a wave edge and so I made third version and the print is very popular.

Throughout my career I have discover many new ideas and techniques but I always like to revisit what I’ve painted in the past. All of my artworks are originals painted by my own hands with passion to the arts.